30 Years Experience

We really enjoy making our customers feel good, make them trust us, and feel confident that their car is in the better hands it can be.
Arpor Car Service is on the way to become the most trustworthy CAR SHOP in Florida.

Arpor Car Services

Arpor Car Service was born over 30 years ago in a Latin-American country, with a family car shop… we actually lived around car service all of our lives, and we just wanted to open up to other markets and have new experiences… so we opened a new shop in Florida back in 2016 and it has been one amazing experience since we have improved so much over the years… Right now, we are a very competitive Car Shop, we give amazing service, and we are so confident about our skills that we are the only ones that give ONE YEAR WARRANTY to every service we provide.

Arpor Best Services

Give the best in us to provide an excellent LIGHT AND HEAVY mechanical service, keeping our clients' cars in an efficient and safe operating state, overcoming their needs and expectations in the best possible time, and winning their trust above all things.

Establish Leadership Model

Our Vision is to establish a leadership model in the preventive and corrective maintenance of motor vehicles. Maintaining continuous growth based on customer satisfaction by improving the quality of life of our customers reducing the time invested in the maintenance of their vehicle. And above all, preserve our clients' assets.



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