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Relations Between Ants and you may Aphids: Behavioural Findings

Relations Between Ants and you may Aphids: Behavioural Findings

Simplified drawing of your biannual life course out-of P. cimiciformis. Sexual breeding occurs toward P. terebinthus woods, its top server, where up to five various other morphs exist. Of those generations, around three write into the collection of galls that they induce in their host’s makes. With the the conclusion summer, the last age bracket produced in galls contains winged aphids one to travel toward sources of several gramineous variety, its second server. Around, they initiate a succession out of means-dwelling wingless parthenogenetic years composed of a few morphs: new round (RM) and also the apartment (FM) morphs, respectively. These two morphs be involved in mutualistic relationships that have ants of your genus Tetramorium. During the summer, a couple of winged morphs may appear. One disperses new duplicate so you’re able to the newest grasses while, into the places in which P. terebinthus is obtainable, the next winged morph will fly back to the key machine provide beginning to your intimate morphs. Afg, apterous fundatrigeniae; Elizabeth, eggs; Fx, fundatrix; M, male; Sf, sexual female; Sxp, sexuparae; Wfg, winged fundatrigeniae; Wvg, winged virginoparae. Practical question draw indicates undecided phenology details during the resources-house stage (Au moment ou Text message and you will Fig. S1).

The purpose of this study would be to explore the possibility practical requirement for so it polyphenism going on in the supply-house phase of your P. cimiciformis lifestyle years. I defined the nature of each and every aphid morph’s relations that have ants of your own genus Tetramorium, its chief tending ants (eight, 10, 11), and especially which have Tetramorium semilaeve, perhaps one of the most plentiful ant kinds inside the holm-oak woods and you can associated habitats regarding Iberian Peninsula (12). Very first, we show that ants exhibit significantly some other affairs with one another morphs. Although the round morph elicits ant behaviors normal regarding good trophobiotic dating, aphids of your apartment morph try carried of the employee ants with the its brood chamber, where it cure him or her such as for example conspecific larvae. Second, i reveal that cuticular hydrocarbon profiles of P. cimiciformis flat morph aphids wind up as those of T. semilaeve larvae more than the ones from bullet morph aphids. Ultimately, i introduce facts you to definitely, immediately following regarding the brood chamber, aphids of flat morph penetrate ant larvae and you can bring their interior drinks. I end that the apartment morph off P. cimiciformis signifies an incident regarding competitive mimicry into the aphids.


13 behavior did by staff member ants towards aphids and you can ten behavior did of the aphids had been identified and you can recorded (Dining tables S1 and you can S2). Interactions anywhere between ants and you may aphids differed based on aphid morph, with a few behavior being observed just into the affairs which have round otherwise apartment aphids, and certainly will end up being summarized below.

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Bullet aphids.

During the 12 off a dozen staged relationships ants did antennal waving immediately after getting in touch with a round aphid away from nest, that the newest aphid responded because of the kicking with its buttocks feet (butt feet throwing), excreting an effective honeydew droplet (honeydew removal) ( Fig. 2A ), and you will directing the brand new arsehole towards the the newest ant (anal leading, an attitude noticed only in this morph) (Film S1). Once calling the newest honeydew droplet, ants ceased antennal waving and you may began antennation (Desk S1) of your anal area, feeding for the honeydew (honeydew use) as long as new circulate continued. Which succession try constant from time to time (assortment = 8–28) within the observation attacks, however,, sporadically (when you look at the 3 regarding several interactions), ants initiated an escalation of competitive behavior one to wound up with the newest aphid being murdered and you will ate.

Photo representative of one’s interactions between T. semilaeve ants plus the two P. cimiciformis resources-house wingless morphs. (A) T. semilaeve ants undertaking antennal waving (Desk S1) into a spherical aphid, which excretes a beneficial honeydew droplet. (B) Flat aphids (arrows) observed by T. semilaeve ants inside their brood chamber one of the stack off ant larvae. (C) A great P. cimiciformis apartment aphid performing larva probing (Dining table S2) into a great T. semilaeve larva. (D) Hemolymph dripping away from a keen ant larva that was susceptible to larva probing by the a condo P. cimiciformis aphid (arrow).

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