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How to get and activate Badoo Premium for free using the 14-day trial

How to get and activate Badoo Premium for free using the 14-day trial

Communication is an important factor for all living beings and given the possibility of being able to meet people from different parts of the planet, anyone who is curious to know even more about these people, what they do, what they are, what is their culture which ones and which ones are your real ones tastes and preferences.

Being able to start a conversation with strangers is now totally possible thanks to apps like Tinder or even Grindr. These have achieved a great deal of fame in the networks, but at some point these portals are very much focused on dating as such and not so much with the idea of ??being able to meet people and just chat.

Today we want to show you a very similar application, but that in turn offers both options, from appointments to simple chat. Next we will tell you what Badoo is and everything we need to know about this application. So, stay with us and find out all the details related to this app.

What is Badoo and what can it offer us?

It is a social network that was born in 2006 and that over time it has boomed and grown quite significantly in the virtual world. Badoo offers us the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, learn about their tastes and preferences, as well as a little of their main data.

If this is to our liking, we can start a conversation with him, of course if that person wants to too. All this to the point that we can have an appointment with her if it is close to our headquarters or near your city or region.

Badoo it will show you a radar of people who are close to our respective location, we will also be presented with a list of those who have similar tastes to us. We will be able to interact with the users of this interesting app and communicate through this platform with total normality and ease.

Currently Badoo has approx 395 million registered users on the platform, being one of the social networks focused on dating and meeting the most recognized and important people in the world together with Tinder. Among other important data, it is estimated that 150 people register on Badoo every day.

How to get Badoo Premium for free using the 14-day trial?

Badoo is in a sense a totally free application. All users who download and install this application will be able to use its services and tools totally free of charge. That is , you will be able to meet people from other parts of the world and near your city or region without having to pay a set amount.

But like any dating-centric social network, has a premium version which can grant you some pretty good benefits when using this platform.

Next we will show you the steps to follow in order to get Badoo Premium for free during the 14-day trial. Before we begin it is very important to clarify that to obtain this privilege we will have to make the application believe that we want to delete it.

Our first step will be to access the Badoo app from any device, you can download it from Google Play or any other alternative or third-party store. Once inside Badoo, we will go to our respective profile, here we can the configuration option we will choose.

A new list will appear and within these we can see the “account” option where our email appears. We will now click there. Within the “account” options we can see the boxes to hide the account and verify the account, but if we look closely, it will eventually say “Delete account”.

We will click on this button and then we will be presented with a box in which we will have to indicate the reason why we are leaving Badoo. Once this is done, Badoo will show us a new option, it will present us with a solution so as not to delete our account. Therefore Badoo will offer us between 3 and 14 days Premium, we will only accept this option and that’s it.

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